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KarAll transforms your computer into a professional multiplayer Karaoke Midi MP3 CDG and Live-Music

New release 1.24.5 of KarAll is ONLINE!
Latest news!
Change Pitch/Tempo for Audio/Video files
Now you can change "on the fly" the Pitch/Tempo for MP3, CDG, WAV and every kind of Audio/Video files.
Display of the lyrics and graphics/video on both Monitor (work-monitor and show-monitor)
This function is available in PROfessional version
ideo in Karaoke window's background! Now also for CD+G!
Now you can prepare and record the display's parameters also using a Video for karaoke window background.
CDG execution directly from ZIP file
You don't need anymore to have 2 files for CDG (MP3+G) songs. KarAll can executes directly it from ZIP files that includes the both. And if ZIP includes also a picture or a video it will be used as Karaoke background!
"Turbo Start"  for CDG and also for every kind of audio file
Stop to wait for 7-10 seconds at begin and at the end of the CDG song, it makes a static and annoying performance. The execution starts at the first audio presence skipping the "silence" at begin and at the end of the song. This feature also applies to every kind of audio formats included MP3
Dynamic ribbon to mark "Next lyric" also for CDG files
(Worldwide Exclusive!)
KarAll is the first software in the world that integrate this feature achieved by applying an exclusive heuristic algorithm. This feature is essential as they knows the KJ professionals and now is available also for CDG format.

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 KarAll is 100% compatible on every kind of karaoke format

General Midi Karaoke (MID/RMI/KAR) Solton, Tune1000, Soft karaoke, Meta Lyrics, Wordbox, etc. (every syllables standard format or entire-line included WordBox format)
MP3 Standards ID3.V1/V2, SYLT, LRC, TXT. And WAV/WMA/AU etc.
CDG MP3+G karaoke CD-G Standard MP3+G
KarAll represents the "State of the Art" in Software Music Industry. No one alternate software is comparable for multiples exclusivity of capabilities, compatibility with every kind of Audio/Video formats and Windows versions (guarantee for future!). Friendly usage, stability, support and assistance are unrenounceable characteristics for professional KJ/DJ, entertaines, musicians and "advanced users". Take a look on Software's features, download it and try it for free, you'll not waste your time.

KarAll is 100% compatible for Vista, X64 and Windows.7
100% Windows Vista compatible100% Windows 7 Compatible 100% Windows x64 compatible

No spyware no adware no viruses
KarAll is 100% free for Spyware, Adware and Viruses

KarAll is awarded on tens of Software sites
  • Main features Karaoke Jockey / Entertainer

    • Complete, multiple and unlimited song's Databases management in MS-Access format. Catalog Print, search for song lyrics, duplicate, songs with errors. Advanced Querie's Management and Quick-Immediate search of songs. Advanced playlists management for song's booking.

    • "Full Screen" Karaoke desktop also on two monitors (Tele), display the next track title to allow preparations for the next karaoke.

    • Images or video on Karaoke desktop and dynamic ribbon visualization for next lyric also for CDG format (exclusive feature). Ability to create video-themed personalized to offer a special service to customers. The output product can be sold in special occasions upon request.

    • Preview lyric's text and video on the primary monitor when is active the 2nd monitor, even for CDG tracks and Videos

    • Live-View from connected Webcam on Karaoke desktop by making the audience excited and involved in special moments such as during the group-latino dance.

    • Automatic text reformatting, automatic hyphenation of "Entire-Line" and Wordbox songs , enable/disable the melody guide features that helps the less experienced customers.

    • Change the Pitch/Tempo song in real-time, including MP3, CDG and Video

    • Audio-Video recording! Function which allows to sell the client's performance, creating an additional benefit for the professional.

    • And many more features that make this program the most important instruments for professional KJ.

      You can find more features, Click here


  • Main Features for Musicians / Live Music

    • Complete, multiple and unlimited song's Databases management in MS-Access format. Catalog Print, search for song lyrics, duplicate, songs with errors. Advanced Querie's Management and Quick-Immediate search of songs. Advanced playlists management. DB Registration DB of the execution parameters for each song (Key, Volume, etc...)

    • Karaoke window also on 2nd monitor (Tele) or on many monitors (using a cluster) for music bands

    • For Midi/Kar: change instruments, controllers, Mute, Solo, Volume, Vocalist emulation, Drum & Bass solo (to play along with their instruments), etc.. For all tracks including MP3 CDG Videos: change Tempo, Pitch, Turbo Start Activation (to skip silence)

    • Automatic real-time chord finder on midi-kar songs, functionality that allows to play even on non-well-known songs. Ability to print the Song-Book that is synchronized lyrics and chords.

    • MP3 lyrics-ID3 EDITOR. KarAll can automatically generate a WAV or MP3 with its lyrics and markers directly from a Midi/Kar song. Has never been easier! So just tell to the editor to join together this info and you're done. And for those who use it as a professionist, you open a whole world of possibilities. For example:

      • Generate automatically lyrics, chords, markers and a WAV file. Work on it for your own post-production, refining the sound, add instruments and/or choirs and eventually ask the editor to generate its MP3 involving all tags generated previously.

      • Generate all ID3 tags and the MP3 file that includes only Bass & Drums. Putting it all together using the editor, and it's ready a track to use in your live performances playing your instruments. Highest professional quality!

      • Generate "only" tags and use the editor to associate them with an MP3 you already own, everything becomes faster and more convenient, you just have to sincro it for start and end.

      You can find more features, Click here

    KarAll screenshots

Click on Video for demo

(File MP3-ID3V2.4)
with Background Video
(Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair)

Full screen - Shortcuts display
(Queen - Don't stop me now)


Partial screen - CDG song (MP3+G)
(Abba - Dancing queen)

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