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New release 1.24.5 (Build:04) of KarAll is ONLINE!

Change Pitch/Tempo for Audio/Video files
Now you can change "on the fly" the Pitch/Tempo for MP3, CDG, WAV and every kind of Audio/Video files.
Display of the lyrics and graphics/video on both Monitor (work-monitor and show-monitor)
This function is available in PROfessional version
ideo in Karaoke window's background! Now also for CD+G!
Now you can prepare and record the display's parameters also using a Video for karaoke window background.
CDG execution directly from ZIP file
You don't need anymore to have 2 files for CDG (MP3+G) songs. KarAll can executes directly it from ZIP files that includes the both. And if ZIP includes also a picture or a video it will be used as Karaoke background!
"Turbo Start"  for CDG and also for every kind of audio file
Stop to wait for 7-10 seconds at begin and at the end of the CDG song, it makes a static and annoying performance. The execution starts at the first audio presence skipping the "silence" at begin and at the end of the song. This feature also applies to every kind of audio formats included MP3
Dynamic ribbon to mark "Next lyric" also for CDG files
(Worldwide Exclusive!)
KarAll is the first software in the world that integrate this feature achieved by applying an exclusive heuristic algorithm. This feature is essential as they knows the KJ professionals and now is available also for CDG format.


KarAll screenshots

Some anti-virus software report a part of our program as "suspicious files", it's a false positives. This is not a virus but a "Pack-Protection" system wich is well detected by the best antivirus. At the next link you can found the check-reports by four of the best and most famous antivirus, i.e. Kaspersky. 

Please, indicates to not report it to your antivirus and use our software easily, be sure that it isn't to install strange software on our customers PCs.

Karall antivirus report at

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Thank you very much to try our software, you won't regret it.

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